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they arent triggered, it just makes them uncomfortable, yea the word “trigger” is thrown loosely on this website, but a big factor for those making them uncomfy is autism most of the time, all people are different n stuff

yeah, i get that, and as someone with autism i can relate to the feelings of things that are thought to be “mundane” or “ordinary” being bothersome but the word “trigger” should really be left to things that, well, trigger any sort of extremely negative response, i mean i have high sound sensitivity, but to deal with it i use noise cancellation stuff, not insist that nobody around me talk. it’s not a perfect comparison but it gets the point across that i’m trying to make; anyone who is arguing that things like “motion” and “skin” are triggering and absolutely repugnant to them might want to consider not going on a website of various forms of media, or at the least blocking photo/video content or whatever. i dont have a problem with tagging things that might disturb or bother people, and it is fuzzy logic but like…. you have to draw a line somewhere, you know

how do the people on this site go outside

straight people be like “im not just a heterosexual, im gay-asexual and deserve recognition”

im going on vacation for two weeks. how will i yell at children on mario kart and take selfies in wind waker now



Todays Genders of the day are: Toad ready to party, and Toad very excited (with his legs showing)

I am officially replacing the male/female gender binary with this. You’re either a Toad ready to party or a Toad very excited (with legs showing).

your fave is problematic: my cat


• doesnt understand the gaza confict
• kind of an asshole


Can we all talk about the morning of July 26th, 2013 (from about 3 AM to 6 AM) when this site was literally flooded with posts about the Thwomps from Super Mario 64?

Seriously, there was actually one time period on this website where this version of a very minor enemy was the subject of hundreds of individual posts (mainly audio, text and quote posts) for just a few hours before abruptly vanishing forever, and nobody seems to acknowledge the fact that something that abnormal took place here.


when you’re just about to fall asleep and nature’s like