Next week: Jack Crawford arrests himself on suspicion of being the Chesapeake Ripper

tomodachi life doesnt allow gay relationships. amazing

im trying to be positive because there is a chance that things will still all be okay

ive lost half the function in my left hand due to ulnar nerve damage, and it could have been treated earlier but my doctor lied to me and said that he had sent in the referral months ago but when i got my EMG today he said that my doctor had only sent it in two weeks ago

now the only step is surgery with a high complication/low success rate

i got to grade 10 piano in 3 years, and was offered a piano scholarship and my medical advice now is basically to just. give up on that because it’ll only contribute to the damage at this point

i wish i was dead

im so tired of just getting ignored

i just passed the older version of myself on the street, he was probably about 10 years older and we looked so much alike that we both did a double take and other people were staring, we even had our hair styled the same way and similar clothing styles, that was surreal as hell

if i have to spend any more time in a hospital im going to be Very Mad